A History of Success

Shane Radbone, CEO today of one of the most popular event management companies in the country,
is a personification of success that anyone can draw inspiration from.

EFM and Wendy's

Shane Radbone: EFM and Wendy’s

Shane founded EFM as a 19 year old after coming back to Melbourne from Essendon. He saw the opportunity to introduce a new form of group fitness training. It literally started with 1 customer and over 10 years grew into Australia’s largest corporate fitness business with more than 4,500 clients in 30+ franchises in 4 states. Shane was awarded the Australia day business award in 1996 for contribution to the industry. Shane successfully sold his interests in EFM after starting it from nothing in 1991.

Shane was headhunted to be CEO of Wendy’s after he sold EFM.
Shane focussed all his efforts into customer service and the performance of the franchises. In his 6 years as CEO, he grew the Wendy’s business from $75m to $125m with a focus on franchise relationships and sales. Wendy’s was successfully sold to private equity in 2006. In 2005, Shane was awarded Young Leader of the Year award South Australia.


7 Eleven

Shane Radbone: 7-Eleven COO

At present, Radbone is now the Chief Operating Officer of 7-Eleven, which is the top fuel and convenience store chain company in the world. 7-Eleven is a brand that is best known for offering quality customer service and an efficient selection of all the products and services that customers may need in an instant. For this reason, Radbone does particularly well with the company since he, too, is frequently considered as the go-to guy if you needed immediate action or results.

Today, 7-Eleven enjoys ranking first place in a market that is worth $3.5B. there is no saying how much of this highly lucrative market 7-Eleven can enjoy dominating, thanks to its recent hire in Radbone.

Shane Radbone

Shane Radbone: The Person

Few are aware that behind the outgoing personality of Radbone is a man who is completely devoted to his wife, Victoria, and his loved ones.

When he is not busy with his various commitments at work and ensuring that all franchises of 7-Eleven are doing well instead of focusing only on company-owned outlets, Radbone spends all of his time with his family.

Indeed, the mark of a true and great leader is the ability to appreciate where your power comes from and for Radbone, it is power that comes from the loving support of his family.

How to Impress

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Right Leadership Style

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