The Meaning Of Success

Shane Radbone And The Meaning Of Success

Shane Radbone knew success from an age. At the young age of 20, he was able to built Executive Fitness Management from the ground up. Riding on little more than an immense belief in his system and determination, he was able to grow the business from having only one client to more than 3,500 clients nationwide. Executive Fitness Management also started out as a single operation and has since branched out into 25 franchises in four states. This has led the company to receive the Australia Day Business Awards in 1996.

Shane Radbone And The Meaning Of Success

Wendy’s winning system

Shane Radbone knew exactly when to act and what to do. When his leadership and business skills caught the attention of the corporate higher-ups, he was offered the position of Chief Executive Officer of Wendy’s. He decided to sell his shares of EFM and take the position offered to him. So he let go of EFM in such a way that he will still profit from the shares while taking on a bigger position as CEO. In only a span of five years, Shane Radbone implemented his winning system to Wendy’s and was able to grow the company from a $75m to a $120m business.

Innovation awards

Wendy’s was also able to gain record profit for three consecutive years under Shane Radbone’s management. Because of the turnaround in Wendy’s fate, they received numerous awards for innovation. This enabled Shane Radbone CEO of Allied Brands, to receive an award of his own in 2004, the Young Leader of the Year Award in South Australia. Ever dynamic and strategic, Shane Radbone decided to move on by buying some shares of an online salary packaging company. Eighteen months later, he sold the interests of these shares to favorable results.

Marathon man

Shane Radbone is not only competent with matters of business; he was also celebrated in the field of sports. He had a successful career as a football player, having played for Essendon in his younger years. He did not completely tuck away his sports profile as he is known for running and completing several marathons. The New York Marathon,the Berlin Marathon and the London Marathon are just some that he was able to complete recently.