Have A Mentor

An Easy Guide To Great Leadership: Shane Radbone Tells You How

An Easy Guide To Great Leadership

Becoming a leader is not an easy thing. Being a leader means being able to inspire, guide, teach, motivate, empower and many other things. The good news is you can learn to be a leader. According to Shane Radbone, anyone can be all of these things as long as you put your mind to it and are willing to learn how to be one. Shane Radbone 7-eleven CEO, is no stranger to being a leader having been awarded the “Young Leader of The Year Award” in South Australia in 2004. He has also built and led many big name corporations and franchises to great successes. Below some tips that may help you become the best leader you can be:

  1. Have a mentor. A mentor is someone you can openly discuss your problems with regarding leadership. He is someone who may have had more experience than you or is a little bit older and wise. A mentor will be able to teach you new things about leadership and provide wisdom and insight.
  2. Have a role model you can look up to. A role model is a great way to keep you on your toes and to keep you aspiring to be the best you can be. A role model is someone that you will try to emulate in all aspects. Make sure that your role model is someone who exemplifies excellence in attitude and leadership and someone who can push you to be a better leader.
  3. Never let your guard down. Or review and revisit all that you have learned about leadership constantly. You must always keep your saw sharpened and never let it rust. A good leader is always learning and always evolving so every time you have a chance, try to attend leadership trainings and seminars or research on new books in the market that may help you become a better leader.
  4. Plan on your successor. Leaders come and go but great leaders ensure that someone will take their place and retain the legacy. Start to mentor someone who shows potential as early as now and provide them with all the tools and guidance necessary. A good leader does not try to hold on to their throne but rather finds someone greater than themselves to replace them.