The Road Of Success

Learn To Write! And Other Success Tips From Shane Radbone

Get out there and network

Shane Radbone is a great example of success. He started a business at the age of 20 and turned it into Australia’s largest corporate fitness firms. He became the CEO of Wendy’s and transformed it from a $75m business into a $120m one in the matter of five years. He has been going around and outside Australia doing motivational talks for companies and groups who would like to learn how to be successful in life. Here are some of the ways you can be successful too according to Shane Radbone Baskin Robbins CEO:

  1. The small details count. Learn the techniques in writing. Whether you are just communicating via email, try to turn in a flawless and grammatically correct letter each time. Every bit of letter that you send out is a representation of yourself. Remember that first impressions count for a lot and you only get one chance to do that.
  2. Get out there and network. It is important for you to get out there and find people who are in the same industry as you. By surrounding yourself with people who have the same profession or is related to it, you will gain more opportunities, learn so much more about your craft and make new friends as well.
  3. Read more books. You can never have enough resource material. Be it literature, fiction, classics or self-help books, learning from different and respected authors is a great way to keep yourself inspired and informed. You will be surprised at the vast amount of knowledge you can get from a book. Learn to read between the lines as well and try to apply what you are reading to your business or career.
  4. Help someone with something once each day. This is a great habit to practice even without wanting to be successful. People that you have helped along the way will help you any way they can should the need arise. It is the simple law of the universe. Pass along what you have learned to someone else. Mentoring makes you a natural leader and leaders have great chances to be successful.

These are only a few things you can practice on your way to the road of success. Eat, breathe and live success and there should be no other way for you to go but up.