Patience And Hard Work

The Mark Of True Leadership: Shane Radbone Spills The Secrets

Learn from criticism

Leadership is a very admirable trait in anybody. That is because it takes a lot of patience and hard work to become a good leader. A good leader is someone that puts others’ needs before his yet still has the charisma and the authority to rule and to be listened to. Leaders are said to be born not made but Shane Radbone begs to disagree. Shane Radbone CEO, is no stranger when it comes to leadership. He is the recipient of several awards including one for Young Leadership in South Australia. Here he shares some of the basic tips you must learn if you want to become a good leader yourself:

  1. Make time for your team. A good leader is not only approachable but is able to sit down with you and talk about problems and any other thing you might need help with. A good leader will never be too busy to sit down and talk with any employee no matter what their rank is. It is important that your team sees you as somebody who is selfless enough to give each one his full attention when he is needed to do so.
  2. Sharpen your listening skills. The more important you think you are, the less you feel you must listen to what anyone else has to say. You will be surprised at all the things that you don’t know about someone until you really concentration on what they are saying. Listening well will also give you clues about what the other person is really saying and this will give you an opportunity find ways or angles that you never considered before.
  3. Learn from criticism. Have your team members review you regularly and encourage them to write down the areas that you must improve on. While criticism can hurt especially coming from those we love, it is the only way you can learn about how you can grow as a person and as a leader.
  4. Develop your strategic thinking. There is a story that goes: the doers are the ones who are cutting straight through a jungle. The managers are right behind them, sharpening their machetes to help the doers get through the jungle. The leaders? The leaders take time out to climb a tree, peek out from the top and shout, “Wrong jungle!” A good leader very rarely goes out and declares war but is always prepared for one.